A Little Love Story


This story is about the day that I found simply the most wonderful tea that I have ever tasted in my life.
I have tasted many different teas in my short lifetime; as I am an admirer of teas. I am always willing to try out new teas and different companies to see what flavor best appeals to me; and I have found it. It was literally love at first sip and smell. Taking a cautious first sip I forever changed my perception of tea. Everything was intoxicating and it seemed unreal that I have never before tasted a tea so wonderful.

This all happened to me one day last spring while I was studying in Trois-Riveres, Quebec. One day my friend Grace and I were walking downtown after our classes and were exploring the area. We had just had a wonderful dinner on the main street and were walking; looking for a place to have a dessert. Grace had suggested that we go into this cafe as there were exquisite desserts, so I agreed and we went in. As we were getting our desserts; I decided to get a tea as well. When I went to order my usual earl grey; I was informed that they didn’t serve it. I was a little dismayed; but I still wanted a tea; so they handed me a beautiful box of teas.

When I opened the box; I was thoroughly impressed; the individual tea bags were simply so breathtakingly beautiful. As I was looking through the many teas, I spotted my desired choice; it was called Anastasia. Anastasia is an earl grey blend with lemon and orange blossom. With the mention of earl grey; I was adventurous and decided to try it out.

As I was soaking the tea bag in the water I smelt the wonderfully and heavenly aroma of the tea I was about to drink. And as I say again when I took the first sip; I knew this was the tea I would always love from now on. Needless to say; this is not the end of the story.

On the last day in Trois-Riveres, I had forgotten to buy a box of this wonderful tea and was heartbroken. I thought that I would never see this tea again if I didn’t return to this lovely town. And for a while it proved true as this was a tea that was from Paris and was only sold in Quebec. When I went to Montreal last summer, me and my love; the tea; were reunited. I bought a box of tea. We were reunited once again this spring when I went to Montreal with my boyfriend (now fiancé), we visited this one of a kind boutique (In North America) that is exclusively a Kusmi store. When I walked in the door… my heart literally skipped a few beats and my stomach took a few flips as my eyes soaked in their surroundings. It was just magnificently breathtaking and beautiful.


They were kind enough to let me take many photos of the store. Believe me when I say that I nerded out and took photographs of the entire store. I wanted to capture every beauty possible. This is definitely not the last time me and Kusmi encounter, more this is just the beginning of a beautiful love story.



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