My adventure at the Opera House

June 1st, 2012 


This is the day that I got to encounter the amazingly wondering Beatrice Martin, better known in the music world as Coeur De Pirate. It was a sensation and wonder to see her sing live. I just didn’t expect her the that much more AMAZING than her voice on a CD. It just doesn’t compare… she literally blew me away with that enchanting french voice of hers. The only shock that came from me was to see her seven months pregnant and still performing. It was also an amazing experience to be so close to the stage…. literally in front of me, to be so close the action and music and most importantly to be so close to her. It was like I could get up on stage and join her… just a folly but just providing an example. ImageImage

The Show just left me stunned and wanting more. I didn’t want this to end. Even the opening band, Kandle, was pretty amazing. Beatrice played some really good songs, among my favourites: Ensemble, Pour un Infidele, Comme des Enfants, Ava, Adieu, Golden Baby. Really and truly though, I would be horrible to say that all of the songs weren’t amazing. She really outdid herself. I really do hope that she one day comes back to Toronto. I’ll try and post her video of emsemble, I just had to… it is my FAVOURITE… 

Some more shots of here that I got: 




Her, at the end with the band…. saying goodbye and thank-you, after she sang Adieu. Adieu until next time…. 


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