Summer Reading List

Good morning everyone !

It is a fine “summer” day… the sun is shining and the sky is relatively clear, only a few beautiful white clouds. A fine day to decide what I am going to be reading this summer. I have a long list, but I feel that I can accomplish this task. Yes summer isn’t officially here yet, as school isn’t out… but it is for university students. Mine started mid-April.. so I’ve gotten plenty of reading in already. As well summer officially start June 21st.. but the weather this year has thus proven otherwise. It has been so hot and summery already that it feels like its almost done… but it’s just starting. For this summer’s reading list, I decided I want to be adventurous and try different genres of books out. I’ve got some fantasy, Speculative fiction, and romance on the menu. So here goes !!! * I’ll be occasionally updating this post when I am done reading a book, it will become bolded. I may also add some novels if I find there aren’t enough to read for the summer.

Summer  2012 Reading List:

  • Hunger Games: Suzanne Collins 
  • Catching Fire: Suzanne Collins 
  • Mocking Jay: Suzanne Collins 
  • Eighth Grade Bites: Heather Brewer 
  • Ninth Grade Slays: Heather Brewer 
  • Tenth Grade Bleeds: Heather Brewer 
  • Eleventh Grade Burns: Heather Brewer 
  • Twelfth Grade Kills: Heather Brewer
  • Game of Thrones: George RR Martin 
  • Clash of Kings: George RR Martin 
  • Storm of Swords: George RR Martin **Currently Reading**
  • Feast for Crows: George RR Martin
  • Dance with Dragons: George RR Martin
  • Golden Lily: Richelle Mead
  • Succubus Blues: Richelle Mead
  • Oryx and Crake: Margaret Atwood
  • The year of the Flood: Margaret Atwood
  • Blind Assassin: Margaret Atwood
  • Revisit the Sookie Stackhouse novels.

ImageHappy Summer Reading to all… feel free to leave comments and suggestions onto the reading list.Feel free to let me know as well if you have read any of these books… just no spoilers please… just simply weather you enjoyed the novel or not.


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