Welcome and Hello !

Being my first post, I thought it would be appropriate for some greetings and introductions. First things first, My name is Brigitte and I’m from Canada. I am a photographer and Teacher in the making. I have never formally taken lessons in photography, but I am willing, ready and able to learn new things. I have recently bought a book that I hope will help me further on this exciting endeavour. For me photography is capturing the beauty and wonders around me so that I may share them with others. I really enjoy having a camera in my hands and just letting the world open up in front of me.

I am also a devoted fan to the wonderful world of tea. I have a fascination with tea and the many wonderful flavours I just haven’t gotten around to yet. I have recently fallen head over heels with two different tea companies. One is Canadian, David’s Tea, so I’m showing my national pride. The other is called Kusmi Tea, which originated in Russia, but is now in France. To add to this list, I love books, video games, and Dance. I will definitely be sharing my amazing and interesting reads with all, because literature is meant to be shared and enjoyed. I have a passion for dance and hope to learn professionally one day. I also love travelling and embarking on new adventures.

I am also a romantic. I believe in love, that it exists. That said recently engaged, so I’m on the journey to marriage… the happily ever after. Do be prepared to be a part of my stressful but also hopefully enjoyable planning of the wedding… which is still quite a while away.

So here`s me in a nutshell…. enjoy !!! Image


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