Winter is Coming


I am in love…love… LOVE with Game of Thrones. The series itself is just simply a masterpiece. George RR Martin is my new hero. He is a master with words and has created a truly wonderful world in these marvellous books. I have already devoured the first two books, Game of Thrones and Clash of Kings and have already leapt head-first into Storm of Swords. I love the intensity and adventure that each book has to offer. It is a wonder of romance, war, betrayal, and much much more. I really have enjoyed reading the first two books and have been ecstatic about being able to envision the masterpiece in the HBO TV series. I do have a few favourite characters in this story plot: Arya, Tyrion, Daenerys, Catelyn. I love Arya because I can relate to her so much, for being so different than what everybody expects. Her story is just so very thrilling and dangerous. She really shows that women can do what men can, there shouldn’t be any constraints against her.



Tyrion, though he is a Lannister, he is still one of my favourite characters. I love his humour and wit, every Tyrion chapter that I have read thus far has been funny and amazing. I love the comical humour that comes with Tyrion, he breaks up tense moments. Though what saddens me is that lately I have been feeling so sorry for poor Tyrion, the poor lad. Since the Blackwater attack his chapters have taken a sad note, a feeling of defeat and alienation. I do hope that Tryion bounces back with his wit and humour.




I also very much admire the character of Daenerys, who goes through so much in the first novel, abuse from her brother, being sold in the name of a crown and losing her husband. My heart really goes out to her. She is really and truly a strong woman, who carries on through the difficult times. I am very interested in seeing what comes between her and Ser Jorah. Really really stoked to see if something blossoms from that. I really like the how the story has developed thus far with her dragons, whic are portrayed so nicely in the show.



ImageImageImageImageAnd lastly there is Catelyn Stark, whom I think is a fierce character. My heart goes out to her as well because she regrettably faces so much loss and heartbreak. I really do admire her story and cannot wait to see what happens next.

I would give both first books a 10/10. They were thoroughly enjoyed and I have already shared them with friends.

** Photographs are not mine, they are from HBO**


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