A love affair with tea


New Love

So yeah, there’s a new love in my life. It hasn’t replaced Kusmi; but it is a worthy opponent. Kusmi is by far my number 1 choice thus far, but now there is room for more.  My new love is David’s Tea. This amazing tea store was founded in Montreal ( already such a great start) and the first store opened up in Toronto on Queen Street. I remember years ago when my cousin said I should try out David’s Tea. I have not tried it till this year. Before becoming such an avid tea lover, I didn’t fancy loose leaf all that much; but now it’s all I want, funny eh ?

So yeah it happened this year when I went to Whistler. In Whistler village I was strolling around and set my eyes on the David’s Tea sign and I said to myself that I might as well try the tea.  What really got me was that they give out samples of tea everyday; which makes you want to be adventurous and try more tea.

So I decided to go with what I know and try me some earl grey. The ladies in the store were really helpful and introduced me to the first tea I tired; The Earl’s garden. the first day I bought just a glass of it to try it out; the next day I bought a tin of this amazingly delicious tea. So basically you could I say I was hooked. It was truly love at first sip. So I had to go back and try new teas; which I did everyday. The salesladies gave amazing recommendations on what teas to try.

I really have fallen head over heels for Earl’s Garden, Three Wishes, Cream of Earl Grey. Buttered Rum and The Earl of Lemon. And now that summer is here I’m totally going to try out some recipes with tea. Stay tuned…. I will write detailed reviews of each and every tea I have tried thus far. Happy tea times….. until next time .


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