The real love story


This is my real life story, where boy meets girl and girl meets boy. This love story started about four years ago during the summer. I had just graduated high school and was looking forward to the upcoming year of university. Really and truly I had stopped hoping that love would come and find me. I had crushes in high school, but nothing ever came of it, not even a single date. So as far as I was concerned, love was not on the horizon. Well I was completely wrong.

One day my neighbour/friend asked me if I was interested on going on a blind date with one of her guy friends. I right away though no, I don’t need to put myself through this, it’ll be so awkward and probably nothing will happen. I am pretty sure that if I followed that path I would not be so happy at this present moment. My mom gave me crap and told me to give the guy a chance, since it looked liked he was giving me a chance too. So once both parties were in agreeance, then a date had to be set.

As the day was looming closer I got nervous. I had never gone on a date before… this was slowing creeping through my thoughts. I had absolutely no clue what to wear so my neighbour had to help me out. When it was the day of the blind date, I was so nervous, I just felt the butterflies in my stomach get bigger and bigger. The waiting was driving me crazy.

When he finally arrived, I got so nervous that I clamed up and my throat became all scratchy. I was so nervous that the words would not come out, or if any did come out, I’m pretty sure they were barely audible. So the date went pretty ok I guess, we went to dinner double date style, and then for ice cream afterwards. I really just tried speaking to him, but it didn’t go over so well. I completely felt like this guy would never talk to me ever again.

Two months later, I hear back from this guy and he had been interested in me all that time. The problem was that he had been in school and working, so he had had no time to try and contact me. Fast forward four years, and here I am, just happily and recently engaged to the love of my life. It has truly thus far been an exciting and amazing adventure. I really hope to continue on this endavour of romance and soon to be ( two years) marriage.

So here you have it. Love comes when least expected… and then there is a happily ever after

Stayed tuned for more memories from the past and the continuous love story as it unfolds


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