A romantic proposal


It’s almost been a month since I’ve been engaged to my fiance, and it still feels weird, to say it, feel it, and be it. There isn’t much difference between being engaged and being in a relationship, right ? Wrong… there is a difference. For one, there’s the whole being serious for one an other, like the rest of our lives serious. And I am completely ready for that. It’s also one huge step closer marriage, something that leaves me thrilled and nervous at the same time.

So this day, a beautiful day in May, Me and my soon-to-be fiance ( unbeknownst to me) are on a trip in Montreal. That day, we were going to the Olympic park, which has the botanical gardens. We were exploring through the beauties of the Chinese garden when my sweet love of mine decided that we should explore some more. He suggested to me that we find a nice quiet spot to sit down and relax from all the walking. As we approached a bridge overlooking a waterfall, I was stunned by the magnificent view. So I pulled out my camera to take some pictures of all the surrounding beauty. As I was getting ready to leave and explore more, my love says we should wait at this spot a bit more.

Next thing I know is that he’s getting down on one knee and in my heard I’m so confused. First I think it’s a joke, and then I know its real and the tears just came out and wouldn’t stop. They were tears of joy, of course.. I was so happy, I just didn’t know how to take the news. It was a complete and utter shock… totally unexpected. But I said yes… yes to the beginning of the rest of our lives together.



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