Ice it up

You may be asking, Ice what up?

If you don not know me yet… there is one thing you you must know: I am a tea lover(addict). I love tea oh so very much and feel that it belongs to every season. What I love, love, love about summer is iced tea. This totally doesn’t mean that I avoid hot tea in the warmer season, but I just like to shake things up as I see fit. And Iced tea sounds way more sane on a hot summer day as opposed to a steaming hot drink of tea. So as I was bringing up at the beginning of all this is that as a tea lover I will gladly share the wonders of iced tea, and show you how I go about making it. It fast, fun, and very simple… and the results are just amazing.


So first of all honestly and this is up to you guys, but I feel that any tea is good served hot or chilled, but I could be wrong depending on the person. So I just brew up whichever I am in the mood for. Usually I go green or black, I find those teas really do well when iced . Another recommendation of mine would be to use loose leaf, because when you make iced tea, you need double the amount of tea that you would use to make hot tea.

So let’s go:

Step 1:

Choose your tea flavour ( preferably loose leaf as I’ve mentioned before). I usually use David’s Tea, but really any tea is fine. For example a few good teas to use from David’s Tea are:

  • Three Wishes  ( Black Tea)
  • Paradise Found (Black Tea)
  • Earl’s Garden ( Black Tea)
  • Organic Blueberry Jam ( Black Tea)
  • Earl of Lemon ( White tea)
  • La la Lemon ( Green Tea)

These of course, are just a few recommendations for you to try out. If you have any suggestions, I more than happy to hear about them 🙂 This whole journey of tea is meant to be shared and enjoyed by all. I also recommend teas from Teopia (soon to be teavana), though I myself have not tried it out (yet).

Step 2:

Okay… So once you have the tea selected, you should boil the water… just like you would when preparing for hot tea. So when the water is a boiled you need to steep it in a tea pot, just like you would do when preparing for hot tea (as well). The only difference with the tea leaves is that you put double the amount you would normally put to ensure the flavour. The other key to getting the maximum flavour is the longer you steep, the more flavour is infused.

Step 3

Once you have the the tea steeped there are two options you can do and it all depends on when you wanted to drink the tea. If you want it for later in the day or even for the next day I usually just put the tea pot in the fridge and let it cool down naturally. The longer it cools, the better it tastes

If you want to have a glass right away, just put ice in a glass and then pour the tea. Of course the water will be really hot, so you just have to keep putting ice cubes in it until it is to the temperature of your liking.

Step 4:

Last, but not least…. enjoy the tea that you have made, in a fun new and tasty way. Sit back and relax on the beach, or in your office.

Enjoy !!


One thought on “Ice it up

  1. Just a suggestion! Don’t over steep, even though it’s iced tea I wouldn’t recommend leaving it in longer than what the directions say unless you are re steeping the tea!

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