La la lemon

ImageThe last of my reviews from my previous blog. I will be writing more just for you guys… so stay tuned and I hope you can enjoy the ones that are available at the time. So enjoy!!!

My review:

So this is the tea that I have decided to drink today. Walked into David’s Tea and just decided to go with it, mostly to compare it to the beloved Earl of Lemon. The tastes are both similar with lemon, but they both take on different aspects of lemon flavor. While Earl of Lemon is more sweet and tasting like a pie, La La Lemon gives me a soothing and more rustic taste. It’s really nice to drink on a cold day such as today.

From David’s Tea Website:

David was in L.A. when he had his lemon-black-tea revelation. It was early in the morning, the sun was bright, the joggers beautiful. He took a sip of a citrusy black tea and dreamed of starting a tea shop all his own. A place where you could find the smoothest, most citrusy organic black tea on earth – with lemon oil, orange oil and real bits of zest. (Truly, La La Lemon makes anything seem possible).


Organic: black tea (China), orange peel. Natural lemon and orange flavoring*.


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