Paradise Found

So this is a review I wrote previously on my old blog, but I thought it should go here too. I would love to share my tea experiences with you all.


My personal review:

This is one of David’s Tea spring collection 2012. I find this tea is going to be my new summer favourite, as it is a good blend between being a black tea and having a fruity twist. I find that I prefer to drink this tea cold; I have had both hot and iced versions of this tea. What I can even prove this farther with is that at David’s Tea they served the paradise found sample in the form of iced tea.

I love this tea as it is very soothing, yet has the strong and caressing taste that comes with black teas. I do recommend this tea iced, and looking forward to summer days of drinking this amazing tea.

Info from David’s Tea website:

Ever hear about the tea utopia hidden deep in the jungle? Word is, it’s a pretty enchanted place. People say the hibiscus is always in full bloom, the oranges and mangoes are perfectly ripe, and the subtle scent of cornflower and safflower petals hangs in the air. How can you find this earthly paradise? It’s as easy as steeping a cup. One sip of this fruity black and green tea blend will take you right there.

Ingredients: Hibiscus, apple, black tea, green tea, orange peel, safflower, cornflower, candied mango (mango, sugar), artificial flavouring*.


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