The earl of lemon

Another tea review post from my previous blog. I hope you all enjoy 🙂


My Review:

This is tea is just so deliciously good. From the first sip; it made me nostalgic for a slice of lemon tart, made either by my handsome boyfriend or my lovely grandmother. That’s exactly how I can describe the taste; like biting into a home-made lemon tart. I just love the soothing flavours and find this a good tea to have before bed; as it makes me sleepy and relaxed. I have tried it both hot and iced and honestly have to say that it tastes good either way. So this summer I can definitely see myself lounging in the sun and sipping on some chilled Earl of Lemon.

Description from David’s Tea:

Smooth operator This deliciously smooth white tea blend is basically Earl Grey’s younger, cooler cousin. It’s lightly floral, delicately sweet and refreshingly citrusy, studded with yogurt pieces for a touch of creaminess. But before you take your first sip, give yourself a moment to enjoy its fresh, lemon-and-bergamot aroma. It gives the old classic a welcome breath of fresh air. ingredients White bai mu dan tea, Green tea, lemon peel, freeze-dried yogurt, marigold blossoms, natural flavouring*.

Allergens: Dairy


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