Great Vietnamese Cuisine in West Mississauga

Living in the great city of Mississauga, my family and I have become accustomed to the fact that there aren’t many good places to go and eat. So when we do find a good place, we become very attached to it. We just so happened to stumble upon this place with just curiosity. It all started this weekend when my mother and I were just taking a walk around the neighbourhood. My mother mentioned to me that she had driven by our plaza a few times and noticed a new Vietnamese restaurant has opened up.  So we decided to make a pit stop before going home and check it out. The name of the place is Pho Ao Sen Lotus Pond Vietnamese Cuisine.

We walked into the place and the owners were very kind and approachable. We came in just to simply check it out, but their charm was working so we took a take out menu. When we got home, the decision was clear: we were going to try this place out for dinner tonight. So we ordered a few dishes to start the adventure. I have got to say, the food is exceptional; we ordered some fresh rolls and spring rolls to start off. I really  myself enjoyed the fresh rolls, which had the perfect harmony of mint and bursts of shrimp. The sauce to accompany it worked really good.

For the main courses we tried out the stir-fried beef and lemon grass with vermicelli, Curry chicken with vermicelli, and grilled pork chop, and sunny side-up egg on broken rice.


Personally, my favourite was the lemon grass dish. For me , these flavours really spoke to me and the beef was cooked perfectly. It had just the right amount of spice that it wasn’t lacking or needing anymore. It had a nice medley of vegetables; which included carrots, onions, green peppers. Lemon grass is one of my favourite flavours, so I am not surprised of my reaction to this dish. For me, it would have been more surprising if I didn’t fancy it.


The second dish was unexpected, in both a good way and a bad way. To get the bad over and done with, the only problem I had with the dish was that it wasn’t the typical curry that I am used to. Usually for me, when I think of curries, they are full and thick with flavour and abundant in heat. This curry was different, but not in a totally bad way. Also the liquid was less thick, but it actually went better with the noodles this way, The flavour was different and unexpected, but good.


Lastly the pork dish, which was my second favourite dish and my family’s absolutely favourite dish of the night. It had the pork which was pretty tasty and the egg, some veggies and the rice. The rice was really different from the rice that I am used to, but it was good. The pork also had a good unique flavour, that I would definitely have again.

So if you are craving something different, I would definitely recommend this place to  you. Here’s all the info you need:

Name: Pho Ao Sen Lotus Pond Vietnamese Cuisine

Where: 3221 Derry Rd. Unit 22 Mississauga Ontario, L5N 7L7

Phone number: 905-824-2888


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