Wedding-ful of fun

So this weekend I attended my very first wedding show. It was a real eye-opener for all things wedding. What I really appreciated about this wedding show (being my first one and all), was that it wasn’t too big, nothing too much to intimidate me. I like the fact that I attended a less busy one than per-say one in Toronto. The one I went to was called the Ancaster Wedding Show and it was held at the Ancaster Fairgrounds in Jerseyville, which isn’t all that far from Hamilton. I think that one of the only drawbacks that all the exhibitors were all around from the Hamilton area, so things are  pretty far from where I’m from. But really I am taking the experiences and the lessons from this show to get myself ready for future ones that will be considerably larger.

The Ancaster Wedding Show was held in Jeseryville, as I’ve mentioned before, on Sunday August 19 from 1pm-6pm.

For all of the deats, you can always check out the website:

So let’s get back to the story. I went with my mother, future mother in law and future sister in law. It was pretty fun from  entering and getting the swag bag to having some photo booth fun, watching an amazing show of bridal dresses and finally having the experience of trying a big white dress for the first time ( well actually 2). So as you can see, it was jam-packed with loads of exhibitions and loads of information. There were some exhibitors that blew me away and some whom I cannot even remember.

When we entered the show, paid and all I was given a swag bag for being a bride-to-be. So basically the bag included a bunch of magazines and flyers and a few sample goodies. So it was really cool to get a bag because the magazines alone are totally worth it. The only complaint is that the bag was heavier and just got more heavier as we went from booth to booth.

For me, my focal point was checking out all of the photography booths, and I definitely felt a connection with a few of the photographers and their works, as well as their personalities. After going through all of the photography exhibits I definitely have a top 4.

I was largely impressed by Sharp Fluff Photography, they were the first photographer exhibit that I went to and they left that much of a lasting impression. I was not only blown away by their fascinating work, but also by their personality and charm. Both of the ladies at the booth were warm and inviting, they wanted to create a connection with me, which I feel is very important. All in all I was so impressed with these ladies, and would definitely definitely consider them when making the decision about which photographer I want for my wedding. I urge all of you to check out their website and fall in love with their work just as I have.

Here is the website: and their facebook page:

The next photography exhibit that I was impressed by was Make a Memory Photography. Their booth was very visually appealing and again both ladies were warm and inviting and wanted to chat with me. I also found their work stunning and I was flipping through the books wanting to see more. I was thrilled to meet the photographer in person, which is pretty cool. Just everything about them was pleasant.

If interested, check out her website: and her facebook:


Next photographer really blew me away. I happened to first notice this booth when I was eating lunch with the ladies. my head was just darting all around noticing everything. Whilst looking around my eyes found something they liked, and I pointed out my extreme interest in the booth. My mother was all like, photography, of course it’s that. My mother knows me very well and knows my deep love for photography. So after lunch, I strolled over to booth of my desire and checked out more of the work and was even more impressed. I had a quick chat with the photographer and he and I seemed to be on the same page with respect to photography. It was so nice, yet again that the photographer showed some much interest and care in his work. I implore you all to check out the website!

Website: and the facebook page:


Last but not least, there was Lauren Beth photography, where I also had a lovely chat with the photography. She was very kind and approachable. I also thought that he work was just lovely and natural. I would really consider having her as my photography for all things wedding.

Website: facebook:

So with all things photography, I have many things to consider, (with my future hubby of course). But these people have greatly helped me see what I want to have for my wedding. Please stay tuned for more of the wedding-ful fun of the Ancaster Wedding Show, I still have other things to mention, but I took too much space with my crazy love of photography. So enjoy what’s here for now and anticipate more to come.

Good day !!

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