Wedding-ful of fun continued

This is a continuation of my previous blog positing which entails my experience of my first-ever wedding show, at the Ancaster Wedding Show. Last blog, I wrote about my entrance into the place and my experience of dealing with all the different photography exhibits/booths. Now I’m going to focus on the rest of the show with the other booths that caught my eye, and the cool show that included a fashion show and a cupcake dive. An of course I’ll talk about the experience of trying on my first wedding dress(es). So sit back and relax!!!

Another interesting type of booth that really interested me was the photobooth exhibits, that of which there were two at this show. It was really fun and engaging at these two booths in particular because I got to go in with the ladies and try it out. Even better yet, we got to keep the photos from the photobooth, which was really an incentive. I am totally considering using a photobooth for my wedding, it adds an entertainment value and can double as a fun and totally memorable wedding favour for my guests. The names of the two that were there are: Flashpoint Photobooth and Rock Star! Photobooths.

If you guys want to check these guys out, I’ll post their sites

Flashpoint Photobooth:

Rock Star! Photobooths:

Another aspect of the show that I enjoyed very much was the food exhibits, because well, obviously food is just sublime. But other than that, it was like the photobooths, you got a taste (no pun intended) of what of the product, which for food is everything. Appearance for food isn’t everything.

Little heart-shaped cake sample from Yates Custom Cakes

The first bunch of sweets that I tried was from Yates Custom Cakes. We got some mini cookie sample first which was just so delectable. As well we got these utlra-cute heart-shaped cake samples that were just so succulent. I am a huge sucker for chocolate and home-made cake and this little morsel of chocolatey heaven was just to die for. I could eat maybe four or five of these guys and still want more. I would highly consider this place to do the cake for my wedding, they have so, so much potential of amazing-ness. And the little morsel was just so cute that I had to take a picture of it.

Here’s the site if anyone is interested in checking these people out:


The next sweet stop was Sugar Shack Sweets, where they had samples of many different cakes. The samples available were red velvet, vanilla lemon and vanilla mocha. Personally I only tried the vanilla lemon and vanilla mocha. Vanilla lemon was just so delicious with the moist cake and the tangy yet sweet lemon. It was just so tasty. The mocha was pretty good considering I am not a mocha fan. The girls tried red velvet and said it was good, and I take their word for it. Another taste from Sugar Shack Sweets was in my swag bag. It was a yummy sugar cookie with icing. Again, very tasty. I would also include this tasty little place in my decision-making process when I think about the food I will have at my wedding.

More info? Just stop by their website:

So moving on from sweets and jumping into other foodstuff, I was pretty taken by The Little Gourmet. The girls and I were having lunch and this booth was a part of the lunch area, prime area I must say. What really drew me was when the lady mentioned tea. She was explaining to me how as a party favour there could be personalized tea. I got to smell one of the teas and it was just so divine. I would definitely consider a place like this whilst wedding planning, as it seems to offer some quirky and unique products.

Lastly on the food menu is a place called Chef and Wife, which is a catering business. What really drew me to them was the name, as it carries symbolic meaning to me and my love. He of course is a chef and I will become his wife. Other than that, we have never really discussed getting a caterer before, but we can hold onto the name for now till we see what happens on that front.

Next is the fashion show, here are a few shots:

This dress is more my style, I want more of a princess feel for my big day. Again, this dress has lace and the skirt is way more up my alley.

This first dress here that I like is all lacy. I just don’t like the mermaid style, but I never know, it might look good on me. I really love the top of the dress though.

I really liked this bridesmaid dress, the length is good. I preferably do not want a dress to the floor for my bridesmaids. The colour is nice, there is nothing wrong with it, but I do want green for my girls.


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