My IKEA bedroom

Good Friday morning to everyone! (well it was Friday when I wrote this :P)

So today I thought I would write about IKEA since 90% of my room is a product of IKEA. I love IKEA furniture. Sure, I know it isn’t the primo brand of furniture, but I like it, it is affordable and usable for me. And the fun (really fun) part of it all is that you get to “build” all of it yourself. I have my bed from Ikea, they have drastically changed it since I bought it many many many years ago, I love how mine looks, but not the new one. ( see below to compare)

Before ( My Beautiful Bed) on the left, and to the right, the current way my bed looks like at IKEA ( Photo on the left, courtesy of me, photo on the right photo courtesy of IKEA:

The main reason I did write this blog, however was not to mention my bed, but to welcome the newest additions of IKEA products in my room. I have gotten a new room, and I am keeping my pretty bed, but I needed to get a new desk, a new ( but used before) bookshelf, a lamp ( which is drop-dead gorgeous), and of course my new and amazing dresser.

This is what I started with.. a bunch of pieces

The pieces that make everything happen for my dresser

So I don’t get lost or confused

Just have to build all the dressers now

I really think this is going to make my room beautiful, it is a white MALM dresser that is tall, and it has six compartments. It was quite the adventure setting this beauty up, but now that I am done, I feel quite proud. I did have a bit of assistance from my beautiful mother, she lent a helping hand at some moments, for that I am thankful.

Also, I have  my  green IKEA lamp that I have been wanting… it is just so beautiful. I put in a bulb to test it out, but I need to get the appropriate one. So happy day to you all.

Goodbye ( for now)



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