Recently, my mother bought some Rooibos tea from David’s Tea; I guess you can say that I got her hooked onto this marvelous world. My mother just loves Rooibos so she decided to give it a try at David’s Tea. The tea is actually called Organic Rooibos, just to let all of you who are different. (Website:

ImageFor those of you who aren’t sure what rooibos is, it is a tea from Africa. This tea is becoming more and more popular, little by little. What is unique about this tea is that it is naturally caffeine-free, which is just perfect for my mother. It is perfect for those who like tea, but not the caffeine. It is the perfect, right-before-bed sort of tea that you can drink without having to stay up half the night wearing off the effects of caffeine. This tea has a rich flavor that is unique to just this tea, I drink it either black or with milk, really depends on my mood, but both are equally worth it.

For those of you eager to pronounce, it rooibos is pronounced as roy-boss. This tea is a healthy friendly way of enjoying a drink. If you are eager to try something new out, then maybe rooibos is for you. It really doesn’t hurt to try and you can always run into David’s tea and just try a cup for starters. No David’s Tea around? Just try picking some up at your local grocery store. What is so cool about rooibos is that it comes in many flavors, so it offers those caffeine-free lovers with some variety. A popular flavor is called rooibos de provence, which is packed with various flowers (such as lavender), as well as fruits.

So don’t be shy to try new things and grab some rooibos!


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