Scrumptious thai food in Milton

Good morning everyone !!!

I decided that today I would write about a new favourite restaurant of my fiancee’s and mine, which we just happened to find completely randomly. About two months ago we went to Milton because I was dying to go to the used bookstore (recycled reading—I shall write a blog about that later on). So we went to the bookstore and it was around lunch time, so we were hungry. we decided to walk along the main street and see if any particular food caught our eye. Two doors down from the bookstore  was a thai restaurant called Thai House Cuisine, so we decided to give it a try since we are thai admirers.

We stayed pretty safe and just ordered  a green curry and a pad thai. Both dishes were tasteful, especially the pad thai. The pad thai was just the right amount of sweet and flavour. The green curry wasn’t too bad, not the best I’ve ever had and certainly not the worst. It was just a green curry.


The second time we went, we had the pad thai and a spicy duck dish. I have got say, I was pretty sceptical ordering the duck dish, but it turned out to be amazing. The spices were just a harmony with the whole dish. and I loved the different meat, it is nice to stray from chicken and beef once in a while and the duck just complemented the whole dish.


There are alternative locations in: Mississauga, Campbellville and Toronto

Here’s the address:



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