The Noodle Factory


Located in the heart Chinatown Montreal is a little hole-in-the-wall Chinese restaurant that makes their own noodles on-site. Welcome to the noodle factory. If you want some good tasting Chinese food in Montreal, look no further. This cute little place is our new go-to place whenever we go visit the wonderful and beautiful city of Montreal.

My family and I encountered this place by chance when we went shopping in Montreal last summer. We needed some fuel for shopping so we decided to check out where to grab some lunch. We were walking through the Chinese area… and my family love, LOVES Chinese food. So we walked by this place and noticed many  newspaper clippings in the window. We walked up closer to read these newspapers, and noticed that they were reviews for the restaurants. Some were boasting about the home-made noodles. So we decided to give it a try.

The verdict… WE loved it. Just everything there is to die for… or what we’ve tried out so far. Since that first time it has become a go-to spot. I really loved going this year with my boyfriend ( it was before we got engaged, literally the day before)/ fiancé because we tried out some dumplings and some new noodle dishes. I have got to say that these dumplings are just pure heaven in one’s mouth. I was lucky enough to go again this summer, rather recently this August. This time it was with my wonderful family, before shopping we decided to fuel up at The Noodle Factory.

So here it is… I’m going to list my favourite dishes from this fantastical place:


– Shanghai Noodles: I just love this type of noodle. They are the thick fat, udon-style noodles. I just find that they hold flavour in so amazingly. There are many options that they serve it with:beef, vegetables, pork, or chicken. Preferably I like beef with this dish.


-Cantonese Chow Mien: These are the smaller noodles, and I love how they do these ones as well, where you get a cool effect of the noodles being cooked and half cooked. The half cooked ones are crispy and crunchy, whereas the cooked ones are soft. Both are just great.


– General Tao Chicken: If you like fried stuff, look no further. This is just decadent fried chicken in an equally tasty sauce. I just love this dish, and I think my fiancé does too.


-Dumplings: There are so many kinds, I really cannot chose which are my favourite from them.. I think the best option is to just go plenty of times and try them.

So if you are in Montreal, do make a stop here and I promise that you won’t be disappointed.



Restaurant Noodle Factory

1018 St-Urbain, Montréal (Québec) H2Z 1A1

Tel: 514-868-9738

Metro: Place D’Armes – Autobus: 55

Take Care ( and drink tea)




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