Chill out

ImageSometimes, especially in the summer, we all need time to chill out. David’s Tea has definitely made that possible for me this summer, with the Iced Tea Mug. This is just the perfect invention for holding iced tea and bringing it to wherever you need to go. In the summer it is nice to change it up and drink iced tea. I really benefited from this mug, as I would take it to work every morning and enjoy a good glass of freshly brewed iced tea.

Want a list of pros for this cup?

– It was a great motivation in drinking just tea, keeping myself away from the calorie inducing drinks such as pop and juice

– It costed only $9.50, great price and amazing value… I will use this for a good while

– I could get David’s Tea tea of the days for just a $1 when I bought it. I really loved this, I could walk into the store and get some refreshing flavour. It forced me to try new flavours.


– It is basically leak-proof, or at least it was for me, I could slip it in the side pocket of my backpack and it would be good for when I got to work.

I highly recommend you get one. Even though the summer is over, fall is still a good season to drink iced teas on those warmer days. And you can always save it for next summer as well.

Order one today!


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