Gain my cha


Gain my cha??? What kind of gibberish am I writing here? It is not gibberish, even though it may look it. It is how you pronounce a certain tea that I have recently gotten accustomed to. The tea is called Genmaicha, and you pronounce it like gain my cha. Genmaicha, or more commonly called the “popcorn” tea for it’s unique  ingredient of roasted brown rice. The reason behind it is that some of these grains of rice have popped. This unique “popcorn” tea is a Japanese green tea and was used by the poor, as they could not afford tea leaves, which is where the rice came in. It acted as a filler for the lack of tea leaves.

The flavour of Genmaicha is unique and tasty. With the first few sips of this tea, I was not impressed, I found the flavour weird. But then I quickly became addicted to it. Recently I have been having a thing for green tea. Usually I go with the calming flavour of jasmine, but I wanted something different. Something a little more animated, and that’s where gain my cha came in. Now the first time I tried genmaicha, I tried it from a cafe that served Kusmi Tea. Recently, I just bought a sampler from David’s Tea to try it out. The David’s tea one is a little more different and it’s a taste that I have to get used to. I personally like the Kusmi one better because it is a little more subtle. Too bad I cannot pop by in Montreal right now and get some. I am curious as to what the Teopia/Teavana one tastes like. I will have to go out and try it, when I do, I shall let you all know which is the better of all three.


Some other interesting facts about genmaicha?

– Genmaicha is naturally low in caffeine, therefore you don’t have to worry about having this before going to bed. You will still be able to catch some Z’s after having a glass of this.

– The flavour can be described as being sweet and nutty, with a hint of popcorn flavour. Want to go to the movies with having the calories of popcorn? Bring a thermos of Genmaicha ( gain my cha) with you to the theatre… just make sure you hide it.

If you live in Montreal, I do urge you first to go try out Genmaicha at the Kusmi Tea Boutique, it’s the only one in all of North America ( for now, I hope). It is a unique place and you may just fall in love with all the teas. Website:

Address: 3875 Rue Saint-Denis ( It is not far from the sherbooke metro, about a five minute walk)

Phone: 514-840-5445

And if you live outside of montreal, stop by the nearest David’s Tea or Teopia nearby. Have a good day!



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