All jazzed up on jasmine


These days, I am all about drinking jasmine tea. Whenever I go out to restaurants, I order myself a mug of jasmine green tea. Especially with spicy food I love drinking jasmine. Even when I’m at home, I cannot resist the urge to brew up some jasmine. I also have quite a collection of jasmine tea, I have some from Kusmi, David’s Tea and Teopia. Each of them are unique in their own flavour and I have them according to my mood. You may say that jasmine tea is jasmine tea, but the flavour can really be a variety from brand to brand.


What I guess you can say that got me hooked on this jasmine craze was the Jasmine Green Tea from Kusmi. I had it at Christmas at this cafe near my grandparents place. Every time I drink a glass of jasmine tea I feel so relaxed and soothed. It really is for me a great stress relief.


I really fell more in love with jasmine tea when I got jasmine pearls form Teaopia this summer. What is unique and awesome about these “pearls” is that the leaves are hand rolled into little balls, or pearls. When added into the hot water for steeping, the pearls expand. it is so fun to watch.


The newest addition to my jasmine tea collection comes from David’s Tea. It’s name is Organic Silk Dragon Jasmine. I just brewed this for the first time today, and decided to make it in a latte form, it was really good and tasty. Definitely a wonderful addition to my jasmine collection.

Happy sipping,



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