Romantic dinner for two

So this weekend seems to have featured a lot of good food. Well on Saturday night, I was given an awesome treat from my love; a home cooked meal. He is just so wonderful, have I mentioned yet that my wonderful fiancé is a chef, or was? He still cooks amazingly, he’s just changed his career path to that of education in the culinary arts. So yeah, I am a pretty lucky person to be getting married with him, he is just so amazing when it comes to the kitchen and cooking.

This romantic dinner started with a very tasty appetizer of hand-made crab cakes. I actually helped my love a bit with this. He had the cakes formed into little patties and I breaded them. It was so much fun. along with these amazing crab cakes were a tasty home made mayonnaise sauce to accompany them. It was kind of like a tarter sauce but better. Beside the crab cakes were a nice green salad with blueberries, almonds, and balsamic dressing. It was just the perfect mix of sweet and tart, two of my favourite flavours.



If that wasn’t enough, next was the main course, which was simply to die for. On the menu that evening was puréed cauliflower with green beans on top. And the Piece de resistance was the duck breast with some blueberries that he cooked in a pan. It was all just a beautiful and delicious dish. The cauliflower tasted just like mashed potatoes, well not exactly like that, but the taste was very similar to that of potatoes. Green beans are my favourite vegetable ( next to broccoli that is), so it was nice to have them as a part of this dish. Some of the green beans actually came from my fiancé’s backyard, so it was nice to eat some home-grown vegetables. And of course the duck with the blueberry was just phenomenal. The cherry on top of an amazing dinner. And the blueberries themselves were enough to be both dinner and dessert.



Happy Monday to all!



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