Wish came true!

Hey everyone, Happy Saturday! 

I have been SO BUSY this week that I haven’t had any time to write blog posts. Don’t worry, I’m still here, my schedule has just gotten so hectic and busy with university. I am happy to say that my last first week of my undergrad career was pretty good, just takes time getting used to things. Today I wanted to write about a new item that I recently purchased a couple of weeks ago, and have gotten to really enjoy this week during classes. This special new item is my camera lens coffee mug. It was pretty unattainable to get, but I finally found it in a store in Guelph at a cute little store called On the Verge



So yeah, I got one of my wish-list items checked off ( or rather two… I got my new spiffy green lamp… details in a later post), which makes me happy. Honestly, this thing is perfect for admirers of both tea ( and in some people’s cases coffee) and photography. It is a unique item and does it’s job. It is a bit on the small side, but that’s no problem because I can always keep adding more hot water. It is hand-washable only, but it’s all good, a little hand washing never hurt anyone, I already do it for my teapots- nothing new there. Spill-wise, I haven’t tested it out yet, but I’m sure its not too bad. Overall I am really happy with it. 


Happy Saturday Everyone! 



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