Feeling Green and Fruity


Good Sunday evening everyone! It sure has been yet another busy week at university. For this year, I have made a pact with myself that I will only write blog posts on the weekend in order to stay focused on my studies. So while it is still the weekend, I shall happily post about this new tea from none other than David’s Tea.

It’s name is Green and Fruity, and that’s exactly the flavour (well, fruity that is). This is a wonderful blend of green and red rooibos with papaya, mango, peach, and apple ( like the are actual pieces in the tea itself). It tastes so amazing iced, it’s like drinking a nice drink on the beach. I am sure while served warm that it offers a different taste altogether. I personally don’t add anything to it, this tea tastes amazing on it’s own, but everyone always likes something different. I have really and truly enjoyed taking this tea with me to classes, it gives me a boost of taste without the calories.

Check out the David’s Tea website if you would lie to purchase this yummy tea: http://www.davidstea.com/our-teas/rooibos/green-and-fruity

Stayed tuned for some more delicious tea stories.



Update: I have had this delightful blend warm. This totally happened by chance. A few nights ago I was brewing some green and fruity for my next day and decided to just try a sip of it warm. Turns out I love this drink hot or cold. This is good because I can continue to love this amazing drink during the fall. Happy Drinking everyone! (Calla) 



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