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Hello bloggers!

Hope everyone is having a good morning and more importantly a good week. The weekend is almost here, and for us fellow Canadians, it will be a long weekend. ( Well deserved I think, at least for me). It will be the weekend to share with friends and family and to also be doing loads of work. For some reason most of my profs think that I want to do work on this lovely weekend. NO. I want to eat some turkey and catch up on some much needed sleep. Unfortunately that is not in the forecast till end of April. So it is work and family time minus the much needed sleep. Anyways, today I decided to write a blog since I haven’t posted all that many (words) recently. I have been busy sharing some of my photos with you guys, but just haven’t had the time to write an honest to goodness good blog. For the time being, I will mostly be present on this blog through photography, but expect to see a few blog posts on various subjects, such as my beloved tea. Some blogs that I have been meaning to write in a while, I shall post the topics below. My aim is that in the business of all my weekend, that I will find some time to write some of these posts.

I wish everyone a happy Thursday.. and to fellow Canadians, Thanksgiving is almost here!

Blog topics:

  • Margaret Atwood: I really want to do a feature on her and mention all her wonderful books, including mentioning the ones I have already read. She is just so inspirational and awesome.
  • Tea: I feel like I just need to have a general post about tea, hopefully I find some time and write about it
  • My cast iron teapot: I absolutely love this thing, got it this summer. My aim is to write a blog about all the benefits of owning a cast iron tea pot.
  • Earl’s Garden: I think it appropriate to introduce to one of my fave teas. I know I have a lot of faves, but this one is pretty special.
  • Thanksgiving… I will share some photos and possibly some recipes.. so stay tuned

With all these promises, which I will keep, PLease stay tuned,



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