My (Canadian) Thanksgiving Weekend


I wish each and everyone of you a belated Canadian Thanksgiving. I was so busy last weekend with two turkey dinners and a mountain of work to get through that I didn’t even get the chance to breathe, let alone write a blog post. But as I promised, I would write about my thanksgiving festivities. As mentioned above, this year I was graced with two thanksgiving dinners, both of which were scrumptious turkey meals. The first dinner was on the Saturday at my fiancee’s family friends. The second one was hosted at my home and my family and my fiancee’s family was in attendance.

I really love thanksgiving because it is not only a time where you get to eat lots of turkey ( though that is also quite the good thing), but it is just a time for coming together and appreciating what we have. Love is the most important thing to have and when a family gets together, that for me, is the definition of love.


So I complied a few pictures to show you an overview of the thanksgiving setting at my home. I hope everyone enjoyed their thanksgiving. Have a good evening,


Ps. More blog posts to come:

  • Margaret Atwood: I really want to do a feature on her and mention all her wonderful books, including mentioning the ones I have already read. She is just so inspirational and awesome.
  • Tea: I feel like I just need to have a general post about tea, hopefully I find some time and write about it
  • My cast iron teapot: I absolutely love this thing, got it this summer. My aim is to write a blog about all the benefits of owning a cast iron tea pot, plus now I have a tea warmer and it is just extraordinary. 
  • Earl’s Garden: I think it appropriate to introduce to one of my fave teas. I know I have a lot of faves, but this one is pretty special.
  • Countess of Seville: Tea Review
  • David’s Tea: It’s time I dedicated a blog post to all things David’s Tea
  • Buttered Rum: Yet another Tea review for me to write about:)
  • Pumkin Chai Cupcakes: I was baking this weekend and made delicious cupcakes, which I will share this adventure with you all!
  • Three Wishes: Just looked through my blog posts and noticed that I didn’t have a tea review for three wishes, have no fear, I shall write one… it’s simply a must

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