Cast-ing call

Happy Wednesday!!!

I have been wanting to write a post about my cast iron teapot for quite a while now. I got my teapot this summer from Teaopia, and then later on I added a cast iron teacup and a tea warmer to my cast iron collection. I absoultely love everything about my cast iron collection. Let’s first just introduce all these awesome parts of my collection and then talk generally about why cast iron is so cool in the world of tea.


So first off.. meet my lovely cast iron teapot which is just so beautifully designed and a nice soft green. She is simply a delight to look at because of her beauty and also because of the amazing things she does, one thing being that she keeps my tea warmer for longer. It just brings me joy to brew to in this teapot, especially at study/homework time.

Next we have wonderful new addition that I acquired from Teavana, this cute little cast iron tea cup. It is also green, but I couldn’t find a green to match my teapot. This  has a nice little dragonfly design on it. I love drinking from this teacup because holding it is like wearing a pair of warm mitts to brace my hands against the cold.


Last but not least, is my teapot warmer. This is such a investment as it keeps the water in my teapot warmer for even longer. So I can literally brew a pot of tea and not feel pressured to finish it all right away… I can come back several hours later and still have hot tea to drink.

So now I want to impart some cool facts about cast iron that I recently learned.

  • In Japan, cast iron is known as Tetsubin and were originally made for the purpose of drinking Sencha green tea. At this time, Matcha was more popular and didn’t require steeping as it dissolves in the hot water.
  • A benefit of cast iron, as I have mention is keeping the tea hot for an extended period of time
  • When using the teapot, the tea and water forms a mineral layer which provides the tea drinker with health benefits and also enhances the flavour of the tea


In order to preserve your cast iron products, there are care guidelines that should be followed: 

  • Before using the pot for the first time, wash the inside with hot water a soft sponge, then you should let the pot air dry… do not wash the outside.. it could damage the design.
  • In regards to cleaning, all you need to do after each use is rinse the pot with hot water and then let it air dry, each piece should be separate when drying.

Some some general concerns for the pot:

  • Do not let it come in contact with salt or oil
  • Do not use the teapot on a stove or in the microwave.. use a kettle to boil the water and then put it in the  teapot.
  • Do not wash the outside of the pot
  • Do let the pot stay wet or keep leaves overnight.. in order to prevent rusting


So with all this, I hope you consider going cast iron.. I really do notice how beneficial it is in my life. So happy sipping on this fine Wednesday,





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  • My cast iron teapot: I absolutely love this thing, got it this summer. My aim is to write a blog about all the benefits of owning a cast iron tea pot, plus now I have a tea warmer and it is just extraordinary. 
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  • Three Wishes: Just looked through my blog posts and noticed that I didn’t have a tea review for three wishes, have no fear, I shall write one… it’s simply a must
  • Simply the Zest: a new form of tea that I am avidly researching to best inform all of you:)

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