Hey everyone!!!

Remember when I recounted my love of story of how I encountered David’s Tea? If you don’t and want to be filled in… read it here. So moving on from the initial discovery of this tea company, 8 months and 7 stores later, I am very much in love with David’s Tea.. it really has captured my heart. For any tea lover, I find David’s Tea is the place to go, the staff is always personalable and they never make you feel like some sort of tea addict. They make you feel even more enthused about tea than when you came into the store.


You may ask… why all the different locations? There is a logical ( well, mostly) reason to my visiting 7 locations, 6 of which are in Ontario. The first location I visited was in Whistler Village. After that, I don’t quite remember the order, but it was either Oakville place or Bayview Village. Afterwards, it was Sherway Gardens and then I visited in Kingston, and was walking along Princess St. and saw it there. I just had a to walk in… that’s where I got my Iced Tea Travel mug that I adore so much. Next was Bramalea because I was in the area and lastly is the Queen St. location.. where I went with my friend when I visited her.

As you can see, wherever there’s a David’s Tea I am willing to go. Each store has given me a positive experience. Stay tuned for more David’s Tea related adventures !


More blogs to come:

  • Margaret Atwood: I really want to do a feature on her and mention all her wonderful books, including mentioning the ones I have already read. She is just so inspirational and awesome.
  • Tea: I feel like I just need to have a general post about tea, hopefully I find some time and write about it 
  • Earl’s Garden: I think it appropriate to introduce to one of my fave teas. I know I have a lot of faves, but this one is pretty special.
  • Countess of Seville: Tea Review
  • David’s Tea: It’s time I dedicated a blog post to all things David’s Tea
  • Buttered Rum: Yet another Tea review for me to write about:)
  • Three Wishes: Just looked through my blog posts and noticed that I didn’t have a tea review for three wishes, have no fear, I shall write one… it’s simply a must
  • Simply the Zest: a new form of tea that I am avidly researching to best inform all of you:)

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