Happy Halloween!!!

Hello everyone !!! It is Wednesday October 31st… also known as Halloween!!! 

I had my festivities this weekend at a Halloween party, but I am still going to dress the part for this awesome day. So this year was the first time I attended a house party, and it was so much fun. I decided to go as a cat, not a sexy one, but just a cat. I had trouble finding cat ears that actually look like cat ears, but eventually I found them at Claire’s for about 8$. I used a feather boa from Dollerama that costed me 2$ and then I just wore some black clothes. 



I did all the make-up on my own… kind of proud of that. I don’t normally wear that much make-up, so it was fun experimenting with the eye shadow, eye liner and mascara. For eye shadow, I used some white, grey and black on different parts of my eye to create a smoky look. Then I used the eye-liner and mascara to give my eyes an extra pop. 

Back to the house party, I was happy to spend my Halloweekend among friends and some new people. we danced, drank and had so much fun. To top the evening off we got to dance to Gangman Style.. that was the highlight of the evening.  I hope everyone has an enjoyable Halloween!!! 



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