Keeping memories alive



The one year a day where we stop for a moment to think about all the sacrifices that have been made so that we could live in such a country as Canada. I would like all of you to stop and really think about everything you may take for granted in everyday life and just thank the many brave souls who fought for us and still continue to fight for us. Don’t let their sacrifices be in vein. I may not have an actual relative to pause and remember, but every Remembrance Day I stop and thank those who have lost their lives for all that they did. I stop and think how lucky I am to live in this wonderful country and have a wonderful loving family and of course an always loving fiancée  I never want to take them for granted, but like all humans, I’m imperfect and won’t lie to you that I never take them for granted. This is me with the realisation and this year I have been working hard to taken everything in my life less for granted.

What will you remember today?




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