November: Part Deux

Good Sunday Afternoon!!!

November is almost done, which means my semester @ university is coming to an end. So that just means, simply put, that I am crazy busy for a week and a half more and then I can start my winter break. This reason alone is why I should be pumped for December to come, but there are other reasons as well.

One of these reasons for my wanting December to come  is that I have a special treat for myself this Christmas Season. I bet you’ve all had one at some point in your life: an advent calendar. This one, however is not like other advent calendars. As opposed to having a piece of chocolate every day till christmas, this year I got the David’s Tea 24 Days of Tea. So basically, I have one tea a day till Christmas.


So I am completely ready to get my tea on!!! This means that I will be providing you all with tea reviews each day, or I amy post once a week and review the week’s teas.

In other news, I am going to make a winter-break reading list, which I will share with you guys once I select the books I plan to read over the holidays. I also just cannot wait for the holidays with my family. What does your December look like?



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