24 Days of Tea #1: Buttered Rum

Good Thursday evening everyone!

So as you may notice.. I am trying out a new blog format to change things up before the holidays… I will be making a few more changes, so stay tuned. So I know I have been MIA for a bit, but school and getting sick kept me away from the blog and from the tea. I have been opening up my 24 days of tea everyday, and patiently waiting to be done being sick.

Well, school and being done sick has paid off. I got to try the first tea on the tea of the day adventure calendar and it was great. It is really nice to go on an adventure, as exciting as this one, with something that you know. It just gives an indication to how the rest of the adventure will go. I’m hoping that by the end of the weekend, I’ll be all caught up *hopefully*.


Buttered Rum:  love buttered rum, so kudos to David’s Tea to start their advent calendar with such a awesome tea. Today I decided to put some milk with my buttered rum. So nice and soothing. It feels great to smell a tea so amazing such as this one. My heart broke a little this weekend when I opened the sample and couldn’t smell anything. The wait was worth it.

For those of you on steepster… don’t be afraid to follow me on there 🙂 http://steepster.com/callabri

See you guys later 🙂



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