24 Days of Tea #6: Glitter and Gold



So I also had the Day 6 tea… Glitter and gold. So this really belongs on the adevent calendar. I bought 25 grams of this tea a few weeks ago becuase I was looking for a tea that was similar to toasted marshmallow and the lovely david’s tea saleslady reccommened this one. I decided to wait to try it becuase I knew it was on the advent calendar. I really love the gold balls when they dissolve in the water and create a shine. I really want to have a glass of this christmas morning. The taste is simialar to toasted marshmallow. Def going to be buying a tin of this sometime soon.

Who doesn’t love to have their tea shiny? I was definitely impressed by this tea by taste and sight. 

Happy Shiny tea drinking, 



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