Tragic Moments


Hello everyone!

Now that I’ve caught up with my advent tea calendar postings, I wanted to talk about something that utterly and completely broke my heart last friday. Last friday, I was working all day, so I didn’t hear about the shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary in Newtown Connecticut. Watching the news that friday night tore my heart to pieces and made me cry so much. I felt so sad for all the innocent lives lost on this seemingly normal day.

So why does a story like this affect me so? I don’t have any connection to the families whose lives drastically changed that one fateful day. So why do I care so much about this horrendous act? I’m not all that close to Newtown, Conneticut either. The reason I care so much, I think, is becuase I can see how I would be in that situation. I am a future educator in the making and I also hope to be a loving and caring parent one day. So I feel very much a strong connection to this sad sad story.

Right now we may be focusing all our energy on the man who commited this senseless act, but anger only gets us so far. One of the vicitim’s parents ( Emilie Parker), show so much love and compassion. Their strength and lack of hatred shows how love has way more power than hate. So while we may hate what happened, I feel that the only way to get through this heartbreak is to give love. And Newton needs much love. Everyday I send thoughts of my love to these families going through this horrendous thing. What is sad is that it is so close to chrsitmas. It just shows how we cannot take anything in life for granted. This christmas, I am going to better appreciate all the poeple in my life and to constantly think of these poor and innocent victims so that they won’t be forgotten.




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