Stocking Stuffers and gifts for the tea lover

Hello Hello 🙂 

So I know it is a bit late to be giving gifts, but perhaps you haven’t given them yet, or you are seeing them in the new year. If that is not the case, these gift ideas can always be saved for a birthday or next christmas. I just love tea and getting tea as a gift is awesome. So today I am going to give some great gift ideas. 

#1 Mini teapot infuser 



So this little bundle of joy is so cute and useful. It is an infuser and decoration all in one.And best yet, it is 5$. Really and truly a cute novel idea for the tea lover you know. You can get this little trinket at walmart, so while you are doing other shopping grab some of these for all your tea buddies. And if you love tea, grab yourself one too while you are at it. 

#2 Christmas tea tree ornaments 



So these little angels are available at David’s Tea. They are the tea for tree. So it is two gifts in one. A cute little ornament and a glass of tea ( or 2-3). Really cute and novel tea idea that can be paired with a tin of tea or with a giftcard. I really like these guys. And online people show many other ways to use these ornaments. They are 4.50$ each or 12ish dollars for a pack of three. So get one for each of your friends. Right now they are also 50% off online or at your nearest David’s Tea store. Grab some for next year or for yourself. 

#3 Holiday Tea Tins



Know someone who likes a tea on the holiday collection? Why not splurge a few more dollars to give them these cute collectable tins. 

#4 Stocking fun 


So want to give the gift of someone’s favorite tea? A tin will easily fit in a bigger stocking. Another idea could be to give them a sample of a few teas for them to try out. 

So thats my gift ideas for the tea lover. As I saw on some posters at David’s tea, ” If you love someone, give them tea” 



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