How to stay warm when your furnace craps out

This is a true fact: last night my furnace at home crapped out, so last night me and my mom were in our house without heat, from the furnace at least. It was actually not to bad with a bit of help to create heat. Below I will share some tips incase your furnace ever unexpectedly craps out.

  1. Close blinds and curtains- So this fist step is a great idea because the blinds and curtains will keep the heat from escaping through the windows. So that is a good plan to keep the heat that is already inside the house to stay put. 
  2. Get heaters– So get some heaters and/or heating lamps to stay warm. Important: don’t leave them under a smoke detector as it will ring from the heat these babies provide. Also don’t leave them on too long so that a fire isn’t created. Most importantly, don’t sleep with these babies on. You do not want to wake up to a house that is on fire. Safety first !
  3. turn on your fire place: If you have a fire place, gas or with real firewood, this is your friend. It is a great heat source and nice to snuggle up to. Just remember to turn it off before going to bed.
  4. wear warm clothes: now you may ask, why use heaters and fire places if we have to turn them off? Well it makes the room warm and afterwards you bundle up in nice and warm clothes. If you are really cold put socks and a hat on to makes sure heat doesn’t escape through the extremities. Next just wear some comfy warm clothes and snuggle underneath a blanket for extra warmth.
  5. turn on the radio and dance– this one’s a fun one. What better way to get the blood moving and keeping warm? Honestly, I love dancing and it is good for you. So pump up the jam!
  6. Drink Tea- And of course warm beverages never hurt anyone. They send heat through the body. Need a caffiene-free fix, try having rooibos before bed, it’s what I drank last night.


So there you have it: a nice little simple survival guide for when your furnace craps out. Good news: my furnace did get fixed today so I can be comfy and warm tonight.


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