So I realise that it is the end of the month ( tomorrow; or let’s say in about an hour), but I still wanted to share my New Year’s ( Tea) resolution, thus tea-solutions !

There are many things that I want to happen in all things tea and I thought I’d share them with you guys


  1. Read books on tea: So, I’ve already kind-of half did this one. I bought a tea book with some of my chapter’s christmas money ( thank-you) and I decided to share what I learn from this book with you guys. I also borrowed two books from the library. Here I may need your guys’ help though, please share with me if you do know about any good tea books to read. 
  2. Try out wulong tea: So I ventured and tried something new.I like Wulong/ oolong teas. Please wait till I post about this awesome member of the tea family.
  3. Try out Pu er teas: Have yet to try this tea, I am excited with diving into the unkown. Wish me luck!
  4. Visit Tealish: For some reason I really want to check this place out:)
  5. Have a Tea Journal: So I made a tea journal, so I can keep a record of the teas I drink and how I feel about them. This all helps with me posting much better reviews for you guys.IMG_20130124_200731
  6. Attend the Toronto Tea Festival: The tea festival is this weekend. tea festival… need I say more. Stay tuned, I will for sure post my awesome tea-ventures.
  7. Try baking with tea: So I want to get adventurous and try some recipes that include tea. So if you guys have any recipes I am willing and able to try them out.
  8. Go on tea-ventures: neat little word that  Ihave grown to have fun with. Simply put, I want to explore different tea shops in Toronto and around the GTA.. but I am also willing to hear of places not in my area. For example I will be going on vacay in Vermont in a few weeks and am looking for tea places in the area. So let me know if you have a neat little cafe or tea boutique near you.

Happy tea-solutions !




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