White Tea

Hell0 and good evening!

Tonight is the introdcution of the first family member of the teas: White!

White Teas: Least handled of all the teas. Leaves are dried naturally or by fans. White teas are renown for their aroma and refreshing properties. There are two types of white tea: those made from the downy buds ( for example, silver needles) and those made from a mixture of buds and leaves ( for example, Bai Mu Dan and Shou Mei).
In China, they are a speicalty of Fujian province; divided into three regions: Fuding, Zhenghe and Jianyang. There are estates in Darjeeling that also produce white teas today. These teas were traditionally harvested for a short time, thus the tea was exclsive to emperors and other high-ranking officials.
White Teas are processed in two main stages: withering and sortingWithering: the leaves are spread out over bamboo racks and left to air dry 12-24 hours depending on the outside conditions. Sometimes fans are used to speed up the drying process. In a larger production facility, leaf-drying machines are used. Sorting: this consists of picking out broken leaves and undesirable residue. This preserves the buds and the leaves. Sorting can be done using either sieves or mechanically. Firing:White teas usually are not fired, except for the lower quality ones.
White Teas I`ve had:
  • Straight: White Peony, Jasmine Silver Needles
  • Flavoured: Buddha’s blend, checkmate, the earl of lemon

Have you tried white tea? post comments if you have, and if you want to know about any of the white teas I’ve tried, feel free to ask me or check out my steepster profile 🙂 I also have a poll set up so that you guys can vote on what tea you prefer. You can always wait till I post every member of the tea family before casting your vote.




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