And it was all Yellow

The next tea on the menu is: Yellow!


  • Yellow Teas: These leaves are rare and not really known in the West. These leaves undergo slight post-oxidation whilst being dehydrated. Occasionally what happens with these teas is that they are just clumped with the green teas, thus making them unknown to many. This slight oxidation is how the leaves get their yellow hue.


These teas are becoming increasingly rare. The Hunan province produces these rare teas.

The Process:

Picking: Only the bud is picked before it becomes downy. Withering: carried out on cloths or bamboo racks. Heating: carried out in pans and the leaves are stirred by hand. Steam Oxidation: spreading the leaves directly on the ground and leaving them covered with a damp cloth for 4-10 hours depending on weather conditions. Drying: leaves are dried for 10-20 minutes from 230-250 degrees F. Lastly the leaves are sorted using sieves. 


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