A different take on Valentines

Good evening!

Today’s love-post will be focusing on seeing Valentines Day in a different light. Today I went to church and the sermon was all about, love, St Valentines and Marriage. The decon was talking about how commercialized this day has become. Valentines really is just a day, as I’ve mentioned in my pervious post , to appreciate the love of your partner, family and friends. So that Is what I am reminding you to do. Nothing says I love you, like actually saying it. You don’t need all these big fancy gifts to express your feelings, you just need the words.

I also would like you guys to check out Peacefulwife’s blog, where she also talks on the subject of Valentines, it is a very interesting post. I will also reblog it, so that you can read it for yourselves:



Stay tuned as I have more fun-filled Love posts coming!

And if you’ve missed the previous ones, here is a link!



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6 thoughts on “A different take on Valentines

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