Back in Black

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I would like to welcome you to the fifth member of the Cameillia Sinensis family: Black Tea!! We are just about done with the introductions, after this we only have Pu er to talk about.

  • Black Teas: More rigorous oxidation. Because of their colour of the infusion, it is known as red tea to the Chinese.


These teas are made from completely oxidized leaves. These teas are mostly grown in the south of China, in the provinces of Yunnan, Anhui and Fujian. More mature leaves are usually picked for producing black tea except for high quality teas and “beautiful” teas.

The Process:

Withering: usually carried out either on the ground or on bamboo racks lasting for 5-6 hours so that the leaves soften and lose 60% of their moisture. Mechanically, withering takes places in a controlled environment. The leaves are placed on sieves in brick containers heated by wood fires. Chinese black teas have a smoky aroma. Four hours later the leaves are ready for rolling. 

Rolling: This is done by a machine that presses the leaves onto plates divided into strips. 

Oxidation: Varies from 8-12 hours depending on the conditions. The leaves are spread on the ground and covered with large wet cloths to stimulate the chemical reaction. The temperature must be around 72 degrees F. this method produces an earthy aroma and a burnt, sweet taste.

 Drying: the residual moisture is eliminated and the oxidation process is stabilized. Commonly conveyor belts are used, where warm air is blown to dry the leaves. 

Sorting and Sifting: the leaves are separated (whether manually or mechanically) into different grades while eliminating dust, branches, and other residue. After sorting, the teas are ready for packaging. Firing: sometimes, the leaves are fired, further reducing the moisture content and helps standardize the batch.

 Tea`s I`ve had:

David`s Tea: David`s Organic Breakfast, Second Flush Darjeeling, Blueberry Jam, Buttered Rum, Cream of earl Grey, Fantasy Island, Glitter and Gold, La la Lemon, Read my Lips, Salted Caramel, Superberry, Earl`s Garden, Three wishes, Santa`s Secret, Paradise Found.

 Kusmi: Anastasia, Prince Vladamir, St. Petersburg, Darjeeling, Russian Morning,

Twinings: Lady Grey, Earl Grey, English Breakfast, Irish Breakfast, Orange Pekoe

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