Fun at the Bake Sale

So Valentines is 3 days away, and I am just stoked!

Valentines is usually associated with scrumptious chocolates, expensive jewelry and spectacular flowers. Well, today’s post will focus on something I think should be a part of everyone’s Valentines Day: Cupcakes!!!


So today I’d like to share my thoughts on these delicious morsels. Plus, if you want to buy some awesome cupcakes, keep reading. So first things off, a cupcake can be a hit or a miss. It all has to do with the flavour and the texture. If you bake cupcakes, keep trying recipes until you find the perfect one, same goes to buying cupcakes at the store. Not just any cupcakes from your local grocery store will do. You want them to be special. I reccomend Bake Sale, that is, if you are in the Toronto, Etobicoke, Mississauga area. This place is just divine.

A few years ago, My parents brought home a white box that carried these cakes. Since then, I’ve been hooked. What I think is particularily amazing about this place is that they have normal sized cupcakes and mini bite-sized ones. They are so moist and delicious, such a refreshing taste. I thought that it would be appropriate to share this with my love-posts this week becuase they have special Valentines flavours that are just to die for.

IMG_5799There is a raspberry flavour that is cupcake with actual rapsberries in it. Also the icing has got raspberries in it. This one litterally tastes like a sweet bite from the heavens. This by far is my fave, next to their strawberry ones, which is very familiar in taste. The only difference that the raspberry offers is a sweet, yet slightly sour taste that goes with raspberries.

IMG_5798The next Valentines-y cupcake is the cinnamon hearts. This one is really cool. The icing appears to have crushed-up cinnamon heart candies. The contrast between the heat of the candy and the sweetness of the icing is surprisingly delish. Giving one of thses babies to your special someone, or friend is a treat for that awesome day.


Some of the other flavours offered:

IMG_5764Vanilla:A classic, but a good classic. The basic white cake with a good moist icing.

Chocolate:One word to describe this cupcake? Decadent. I love biting into this cupcake, as it feels like it melts in your mouth. Such an amazing feeling while eating. The cake is so rich and the icing just compliments it.IMG_5765

IMG_5763Carrot Cake: Wins second place after chocolate. Carrot cake has always been a fave of mine, and with an awesome cream cheese icing to top it off, just delicious. Plus, who

cannot resist the cute little icing carrot on top? So adorable.

Lemon: My hubby to be’s fave cupcake. It is a good one, very nice sublte lemon flavours. I love the cute yellow sprinkles on top of the icing. IMG_5767

Red Velvet: Not a fave of mine. It is topped with cream chese icing.

So there you have it, awesome cupcakes, where even the picture makes you super hungry ( or that may just be me.) If you are looking for something new to give your Valentine, get them a cupcake, or a few mini ones. They are also great for handing out to friends.



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