Tea Cocktails

So hello everyone!

I think my fave part ( or one of my fave parts) of the Toronto Tea Festival was the cocktail seminar. I think that one was really fun and engaging, and also quite an interesting subject matter. I really learned a lot from this seminar. I learned a few cocktail recipes and how to make tea syrup, which is the fundemental thing in making a tea cocktail. The speakers for this presentation were Dan Johanis and Trevor Burnett.


Dan Johanis: is the driving force behind Herbal Infusions Tea Co, a premium leaf tea company based out of Toronto. His shop has been described in the media as ‘where an 18th century apothecary meets a 21st century martini bar’ and Dan’s passion for the leaf is apparent.

After leaving the world of corporate finance Dan turned his attention to a commodity that he was passionate about, and after taking tea sommelier classes at George Brown College decided to open up a retail and wholesale establishment in the heart of Toronto’s Entertainment District. It is there that you can find Dan blending up exotic teas in artisan batches, and hosting cutting edge tea cocktail workshops with talented and award winning mixologists such as Trevor Burnett.

Trevor Burnett: a native of Toronto and has travelled the globe extensively as an ambassador of spirits and the culture of cocktails. He is well known for his passion for adventure and his innate sense of hospitality.

Trevor’s career in the food and beverage industry began as a bartender in Covent Garden, London, U.K. in 1997. Since then Trevor has taken extensive training in spirits which he regularly shares with mixology enthusiasts and Food and Beverage colleagues worldwide through lectures, spirit tastings and customized food and cocktail pairing events. He is an accomplished writer of comedy, spirits and mixology, and is known for his creative, colorful and enlightening material in the F&B blogoshere.

Trevor is a sales and marketing consultant for Labatt Breweries of Canada/Ambev and Bacardi Global Brands, and co-owner of Tipicular Fixin’s the Handcrafted Food and Beverage Co., a Toronto-based mixology, cocktail and entertaining consulting company.


So first things first, the tea syrup.

  1. Brew tea like you normally would, preferablly in a pot
  2. Let the tea steep for at least and hour and a half
  3. The you want to add sugar to the tea, so for example, if you have 3 cups of tea, add 3 cups of sugar. Mix it up and heat it.
  4. You need to let it reduce a bit
  5. Next you cool the syrup and it is good for two weeks, so be sure to label the container of the date you made it.

Drink 1; Mo-tea-to

  • Recommended tea to use: Peppermint = 1 ounce of syrup 
  • 2 ounces Rum ( I tried it with Tequila and it tastes good as well)
  • Mint Leaves
  • Soda Water
  • Make sure you have ice, it is important
  • Add Lime Juice
  • And you can add other flavours to your liking, for example blood oranges, nice flavour and colour


my own mo-tea-to

my own mo-tea-to

Drink 2: Roasted Almond Foam

  • Vodka 
  • 4 egg whites
  • 2 ounces lemon juice
  • Add roasted Almond tea syrup
  • water
  • You need a cream whipper for this one

Drink 3:Love me Oolong time

  • Orange blossom oolong tea syrup 1 ounce 
  • lemon juice
  • gin

So there you have it, three drink recipes to try out at your next party. I`ve tried the mo-tea-to, so these other two cocktails must be just as good. Happy drinking !




7 thoughts on “Tea Cocktails

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    • It was very interesting! Made the mo-tea-tos three times now. Last time I made them, I finally got rum in the house, so it was nice to try the “original” recipe. Try it with tequila, it tastes great too 🙂

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