Make your own Valentines cards!

Good evening everyone!

Valentines is almost upon us! I though it would be appropriate to take about cards. Ever since you`ve been a child, you have known about cards and Valentines Day. When you were a kid, it meant giving out cute store-bought cards with cute phrases and handing them out to friends and classmates. As we get a little older, we lose this aspect of Valentines, the cheerfulness of card giving. Sure, if you`re in a relationship, you give that special someone a card, but other than that, you don`t really. So I thought I would share the magic of cards with you guys.


Cards are an inexpensive ( most of the time) way to tell someone that you care. It is a seemingly small gesture, but it speaks volumes. So this year, I decided to make my own Valentines cards. Of course, I did get a little bit of inspiration from an awesome blog, so I`ll give this person credit where it is due. So I was browsing on Glitter and Glue`s blog the other day and saw a cute Valentines post about home-made cards. I decided to get all crafty and try it out! Here`s the post if you want to check it out: DIY Cards.


So let`s get started!

First off, we need to know the materials needed for this crafty adventure!


  • Blank Cards or paper
  • Sequin trim
  • Craft glue
  • Scissors
  • Pencil

So the paper, sequin trim and craft glue were all from Michaels. The paper was 25 cents each, the sequin trim was 10$ and the glue was 5$ ( I wanted to make sure I got some hardy glue).


We start to make the card. So first things first, I used paper, so I needed to fold it.


Next I drew my pattern, or word that I wanted to make with the sequin trim. Next, line the pencil word or shape with glue, and then lay the sequin trim on top. I wated overnight for mine to dry, do let it time to dry, so this cannot be a last minute thing. Last thing??? Have an amazing Valentines!!!



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4 thoughts on “Make your own Valentines cards!

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