My Valentine

Good evening fellow bloggers! So this is the last stop for the love posts!

I thought a great way to end this series of posts would be to talk about my valentine, and the day that I had. Today was an awesome love-day. Not only did I see my loving fiancee tonight, but I saw a really good friend of mine. It ay have been a brief hello, but among friends, any sort of hello is good.

So my valetine is super special and amazing, he just proves that to me each time I`m with him. Today he was just an absolute sweetie becuase he got me great valentines gifts from the heart. Firstly, he got me a vase arrangement of callas! Yes, callas, this man knows the way to my heart. No matter the occasion, Callas are my flower. So I was head over heels when I saw this majestically beautiful arrangement.66932_10152535258800251_310049860_n

And it didn`t stop there, he got me a pretty pandora charm for my bracelet and some chocolates from godiva.427248_10152535514305251_100215877_n

I was absolutely spoiled and stunned. I am so appreicative for all that he has given me, it makes me want to cry. For him, I made him a homemade card, which he loved. I also got him chocolates and roses. So this love-day was amazing.

How do you top off an amazing love day like that? With an awesome episode of glee. I hope you all had an equally good day.








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