Valentines Tea Ideas

Good Valentines evening!

I hope everyone has enjoyed their awesome love-filled day, I know I did. So I couldn`t leave the love-posts until I said something about tea.644020_10151415088672910_493671613_n

I find tea the perfect drink for that special someone. So I decided to make a list of valentines-worthy teas that you should get for that person.


  1. Ceylon Star: So this tasty tea tastes like white chocolate in a cup. Simply amazing, I can`t see why you wouldn`t get someone this tea for Valentines. 10341_l2
  2. Read My lips: Need I say more? The name screams valentines. You knwo what else? There are these lip-shaped candies sprinkled in the tea. Just sso adorable. And the taste is just so inviting to the romance. 10146_l2
  3. Chocolate Orange: So the lady that first got me to try this said it was like having a terry`s chocolate orange. This is quite the yummy drink to have without the massive calories. 10307_l2
  4. Green Seduction: The name itself explains its purpose. Who doesn`t love a great seduction of the senses on Valentines Day? 10084_l2
  5. Glitter and Gold: Love and magic go hand in hand. This tea is pure magic with the way that it shimmers. Its like having awesome jewlery sans the expensive price tag. Great to drink and great to marvel at its beauty, it really serves a double purpose. 10195_l2

Today, going to David`s Tea was totally worth it, they had a special promo going on, that if you spent 25$, you would get 25grams of read my lips, forever nuts and hot lips.307995_10151418911752910_1320367338_n

Secondly, it was awesome today becuase they were doing exclusive valentines tastings. It was so much fun.



Lastly, I`ll leave you guys with the winning poem that David`s Tea chose to share:



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