My Valentines Dinner

So, I know I said that my last love-post was the previous one, but this is my absolutely last post about Valentines for this year. On Friday, my hubby-to-be made me an amazing dinner in the spirit of Valentines Day. Because we were both too busy on the actual day, we had the dinner a day later.

First was the appetizer: Crab Cakes

My finacee made these cute crab cakes which were supremely delish! The crab was from Longo`s and was made with crab meat, peppers and panko bread crumbs.IMG_8171

These bread crumbs are the ones used for like tempura and such. And to top off this amazingness, he also made a home-made tartar sauce that was just sublime. So, pretty much, this first course was just a great start to the meal.


Next up?? The main course: Duck, potatoes and broccoli

So here`s something great to know, I LOVE duck, like LOVE LOVE LOVE duck. So this was an amazing treat that my love made for me.IMG_8172

The potatoes were fingerling cut in half and cooked in double-smoked bacon, oinons and thyme. IMG_8161Just a wonderful harmony of flavours. Next was the steamed broccoli.

Dessert? Nope

And I am not upset about that at all. This is becuase we ate SOOOO much. I was so full after this scrumptious meal that I couldn`t think  about eating anything whatsoever. So the meal itseal was the appetizer, main course and dessert altogether.

So this dinner was super amazing and I am very much appreciative of it and my dear love. I hope you guys had a good valentines dinner.


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