My visit to Dobra Tea

Want to go to a secret haven that wisks you away from the present world? Well, if you are in Burlington Vermont, Dobra Tea is the place to go. So for a family vacation, my family and I planned a trip to Burlington Vt and I instantly typed in the search bar: “tea places in Burlington Vermont” and this place was one of the firsts that showed up. So way before going on this trip, I acquainted myself with the website and checked out the numerous teas that they have.


The Dobra Tearoom is a sit down place where you can enjoy a variety of loose-leaf teas in numerous teapots and such. You can also enjoy some tea ceremonies and light snacks. The ambiance is just so refreshing, you really have a moment when you step into Dobra Tea. The mood is relaxing and thanks to the help of dimmed lighting and candle-lit tables, this is superbly acheived. The place originates from the Czech Republic, and there are a few locations around the united states.


So we came into this place after an afternoon of shopping around town and had to wait a little.This just furthered my interest even more. Once we were seated, we got little menus and a bell. The bell was for us to use when we were ready to order, so we didn’t get that “can I take your order” rushed feeling. We were able to leisurely look at the menu and take our time. And time was neeeded, it was such a detailed menu that provided such rich information. I liked how there was an introduction in the beginning, so that even someone new to tea could feel welcome in this place. I loved the descriptions for the tea, they were also quite detailed and made the decision process easy and hard, because there was so much to choose from.


The staff were friendly and very knowledgable in tea. I found them super relax, which added to that realxing amibance. There was no sign of stress in this place. So with my family we tried three different teas.


I tired the Hojicha, which is a fire-roasted green tea that has a different colour and flavour than other Japanese green teas.


Here’s the description from the website and menu: A bold tea of fire-roasted tea stalks which give a taste and aroma unlike that of any other Japanese tea. The infusion is dark amber, the scents reminiscent of roasted grains or chestnuts. It is recommended after a substantial meal or in the depths of winter. Very low in caffeine.

So I thought it was a great tea that was served, in what I think was a HouhinA traditional style of small Japanese teapot in Chinese-style porcelain with a built-in leaf strainer. Suitable for personal infusion of almost any sort of tea.) I loved the smoky, almost roasty smell that this tea had. It was interesting to have such a different smell to associate with tea. The taste was light, lighter than I expected.

My sister had an interesting black tea: Hong Mu Dan, which was quite pleasing to the eye. It looked particularily good and enchanting. Description from the menu/website: Pleasing the eye as much as it pleases the mouth, this display tea is made from tea leaves hand tied together to make a flower-shaped pod. Served in a glass pot to view its unfolding glory; as it opens it resembles the movements of a sea anemone. A mild, slightly sweet black tea that will last for your whole conversation.


I tried a few sips of this tea an it was quite tasty, I would order this one perhaps if I revisted Dobra tea.


Lastly, my parents shared a pot of Rooibos, which came in a cute red teapot and matching mini red cups. The description from the menu/website: An herb gathered for centuries in the Cape area of South Africa by the Khoisan people, this beloved, health promoting tea has a rich body and fills the mouth, but is naturally caffeine free. Tiny needles processed in the same manner as Chinese tea, with a sweet, slightly fruity flavor hidden in its deep red infusion.

All in all, I was very much impressed by this tea place and would for sure return to Burlington to enjoy some good tea. If you are in and around Burlington Vermont, I highly reccomend you to check this place out.


Happy Tea drinking!!!






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