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So, last week, I did a book review on MaryJanice Davidson’s book, Undead and Unwed. I thought that, since I will continue to read and re-read her books, introductions are in order. As previously mentioned, Undead and Unwed was my first-ever vampire book that I read. One day, I was looking in my Buffy magazine ( long, long ago when I was a major major fan) and there was an add for MaryJanice Davidson’s Undead series. Since then, I have read many of her books and many other vampire stories. So needless to say, this book and more importantly, the author is important to me.

Here’s a bio from the website:

MaryJanice Davidson is a former model and medical test subject, as well as a New York Times best-selling author who has no idea why she is a success at what she does. (“No idea. At all.”) Her books have been translated into several languages and are available in 15 countries (“No one is more surprised than I.”). She frequently speaks to book clubs (“I don’t know why my books sell.”), writer’s groups (“I don’t know why I’m on best-seller lists.”), and World War Two veterans (“Thanks for driving Hitler to suicide!”). She lives with husband, family, and dogs in St. Paul, MN, and loves (“No, really…I do!”) hearing from readers.

A list of all her books ( bolded ones I’ve read):

1. By Any Other Name (1998)
2. Adventures of the Teen Furies (1998)
3. Dying for Ice Cream (1999) (ebook)
4. Secrets 6 (2000) (Love’s Prisoner)
5. Reunions (Too Good To Be True) (2000) (under the name Janice Pohl)
6. Escape The Slush Pile (non-fiction self-help) (ebook) (2001)
7. Thief of Hearts (2001)
8. Naughty or Nice (Santa Claws, a Wyndham Werewolf Story) (2001)
Was originally released as “Nicely Naughty” as an e-book that is no longer available
9. Chicken Soup for the Teacher’s Soul (What I Learned in Spite of Myself)
10. Undead & Unwed (2002)
11. Canis Royal: Bridefight (2002) (e-book)
12. Love Lies (2002) (e-book)
13. Secrets 8 (Jared’s Wolf) (2002)
14. Things That Go Bump in the Night II (2002)
15. Lighthearted Lust (There’s No Such Thing as a Werewolf) (2003) (e-book)
16. Under Cover (2003)
17. Beggarman, Thief (2004) (e-book)
18. Cravings (Dead Girls Don’t Dance) (2004)
19. Forgotten Wishes (Love’s Tender Fury)  (2004) (e-book)
20. Perfect for the Beach (My Thief) (2004)
21. How to Be a Wicked Woman (The Wicked Witch of the West Side) (2004)
22. Merry Christmas, Baby (Undercover Claus) (2004)
23. Men at Work (The Fixer-Upper) (2004)
24. Undead & Unemployed (2004)
25. The Royal Treatment (2004)
26. Bad Boys with Expensive Toys (The World is Too Darned Big) (2004)
27. Bewitched, Bothered, and BeVampyred (Night Mares) (2005)
28. Derik’s Bane (2005)
29. Hello, Gorgeous! (2005)
30. The Royal Pain (2005)
31. Undead & Unappreciated (2005)
32. Undead & Unreturnable (2005)
33. Betsy the Vampire Queen (first 4 Betsy books combined) (2005)
34. Jennifer Scales and the Ancient Furnace (2005)
35. Romance at the Edge: In Other Worlds (Beggarman, Thief) (2005)
36. Charming the Snake (Savage Scavenge) (2005)
37. Kick Ass (the Incredible Misadventures of Boo & the Boy Blunder) (2005)
38. Bite (Biting in Plain Sight) (2005)
39. Really Unusual Bad Boys (Bridefight, Mating Season, & Groomfight) (2005)
40. Wicked Women Whodunit (Ten Little Idiots) (2005)
41. Sleeping with the Fishes (2006)
42. Jennifer Scales and the Messenger of Light (2006)
43. Undead & Unpopular (2006)
44. Drop Dead Gorgeous (2006)
45. Mysteria (Alone Wolf) (2006)
46. Surf’s Up (Paradise Bossed) (2006)
47. Valentine’s Day is Killing Me (Cuffs and Coffee Breaks) (2006)
48. Dead & Loving It (Santa Claws, Monster Love, There’s No Such Thing as a Werewolf, & A Fiend in Need) (2006)
49. Swimming Without a Net (2007)
50. The Silver Moon Elm (2007)
51. The Royal Mess (2007)
52. Undead & Uneasy (2007)
53. Doing It Right (2007)
54. Demon’s Delight (Witch Way) (2007)
55. No Rest for the Witches (Majicka) (2007)
56. Over the Moon (Driftwood) (2007)
57. Mysteria Lane (Disdaining Trouble) (2007)
58. Fish Out of Water (2008)
59. Undead & Unworthy (2008)
60. Dead Over Heels (Undead & Wed: A Honeymoon Story, Survivors, & Speed Dating, Werewolf Style Or, Ow, I Think You Broke The Bone (2008)
61. Betsy: Bride of the Vampire (Undead 5-7; Dead & Loving It) (2008)
62. Seraph of Sorrow (2009)
63. Undead & Unwelcome (2009)
64. Faeries Gone Wild (Tall, Dark and Not So Faery) (2009)
65. Undead & Unfinished (2010)
66. Rise of the Poison Moon (2010)
67. Me, Myself, and Why (2010)
68. Undead and Undermined (2011)
69. Mysteria Nights (both Mysteria anthologies in one omnibus) (2011)
70. Evangelina: A Jennifer Scales Novel (2011)
71. Wolf at teh Door (2011)
72. Underwater Love (All 3 Fred the Mermaid books omnibus) (2012)
73. Yours, Mine and Ours (2012)
74. Dying for You (Includes Paradise Bosses, The Fixer Upper, Witch Way and Driftwood) (2012)
75. Undead and Unstable (2012)
76. Undead and Unsure (to be released August 6, 2013)
So, as you see there is quite a list of books that she has written, take a peek and try it out:)
Happy reading!




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